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In an effort to share the Netflix of workout programs with more people, Team Beachbody has extended The Spring Into Health Promotion through August! I LOVE Beachbody On Demand because I never get bored and I’m always switching up my workouts between strength training, to pilates, to dance and continuing to challenge myself without getting bored. No purchasing just one genre of a workout program anymore. You just turn on the On Demand, choose the workout that you’re in the mood for, and press play. It really keeps you from letting your excuses take over and allows you to customize your fitness experience as though you have your very own personal trainer right there in your living room. This has been THE BEST discovery for me since having a baby and trying to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle on a time crunch. Seriously! Workout programs On Demand for ONE YEAR + Shakeology (which is $130 at full price alone). Take advantage of it while it’s here!

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