Need Some Accountability?

What can an Accountability Group do for me?

So you have made a HUGE step toward accomplishing your fitness and wellness goals.  That is AWESOME!!!  Right now you’re feeling pumped and ready to get started, but where do you begin?  That meal plan sounds great, but right now you may be feeling slightly overwhelmed.  How are you going to make this the time that you step up and really achieve those goals?

This is where the Accountability Group comes into play.  I have found that the individuals I work with are at least 50% more likely to stick to a program and accomplish their goals if they join an Accountability Group than those who don’t.  Let’s face the facts.  Life comes with challenges.  We all have them and accompanying them are those excuses you tell yourself that ultimately cause you to give up on that goal.  When you are a part of a support system that shares like experiences, motivates, supports, and holds you accountable; that is what will push you past those excuses and on to your goal.  You CAN and you WILL do this!

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