About Me



I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what all I want to include in my blog. I LOVE writing. I just never thought I’d actually get the opportunity to do this for a living! God has a plan and even though I’ve tried to believe I’ve been in control all this time, these past two years have really shown me the truth. The best part of it is that it has all worked out to where I am enjoying my life in a way I never thought I would!!

After taking some time to explore the web and do some further soul searching about what all I want to make a part of my brand, I think I have an idea. I know this will change as time goes on, but I hope you’ll join me on this journey and tell me what all you like and what you don’t!

As a Beachbody Coach, one amazing thing I get to do is help other women navigating their ways through the workforce and also through motherhood. Everyone is a little different, and depending on your circumstance, the challenges are a little different, but being that I first began motherhood going back to a full-time job and being the breadwinner of the household, then suddenly finding myself staying at home with our baby girl; I understand both ends of the spectrum pretty well.

As a sidebar, I was not someone that aspired to stay at home. I had established myself in leadership roles within Human Resources since my early twenties and I really had made that a part of my personal identity. I also really need social interaction with others pretty regularly or I start getting a bit blue.

So fast forward to last year, my return to work did NOT go well to put it nicely. I worked with an older generation of men, all of whose wives stayed at home with their children, and to say they were less than understanding would be an understatement. (I.e. knocking on the door when I would pump and telling me to hurry up, calling late afternoon meetings for minor items causing me to be torn between making my boss angry and arriving late to pick up my daughter, and making me out to be a total failure after years of loyalty when I’d have to put my foot down and put my child first). I became so stressed that not only was I not getting much quality time with my family, I wasn’t enjoying it when I did. I was completely unhappy (not to mention battling a bought of post-partum depression).

To say the least, I faced and made the difficult decision to leave my job and stay at home with our daughter. This wasn’t necessarily my permanent plan to begin with, but I had been toying with the idea of becoming a Beachbody Coach for a while, but had put it off due to what I thought was a lack of time. So after about a month of being at home, feeling very isolated and deprived of that social interaction I really need, I jumped right in. I am SO GLAD I did to this day. What an opportunity this has been for me. It has opened doors to many things I’ve always wanted to do, like write a blog, but never thought I would get the chance. That was for others living their dreams. Let’s be real. I was never going to get to do that.

So I’m not writing this to tell you ladies out there to become a Beachbody Coach. (If you want more information on that, there is a tab on this site to contact me and I’ll share with you all about it). This is to tell you to follow me here on this blog. I’m going to share a bunch of different fun topics from fitness, recipes, wellness, fashion, babies, and just general advice for you mommies and women in the workforce that I’ve found to help me greatly.