Not So Fast!

I harp on and on about how powerful our state of mind is. If we are thinking consistently negative thoughts, then our perspective throughout our days in this state will also be negative. Let me take it a step further and say that our view of others within our days will also be negative.

Personal Attribution Theory in a high level overview is basically the projection of our personal circumstance onto another human being. In other words we’re assuming we know the motivation behind someone else’s actions. For example, if someone cuts in front of you in the produce section at the grocery store. A person in a negative state of mind will think something like, “that person just thinks they’re better than I am.” A person who chooses to view things in a more positive light will likely think, “they were just grabbing something quickly while I made my decision.”

My thoughts went to this topic today, because I had an experience during the little time I ventured out of the house on my lazy Sunday yesterday that I also let affect me more than I should have. I won’t go into details, but basically this individual made some assumptions about me that prompted her to criticize me and some rather personal things about me. I’ve gotten over it, but a couple of thoughts did occur to me yesterday evening when reviewing the incident in my mind.

It has become so increasingly apparent to me, both through my professional and also just out and about in my daily life, that the human race isn’t overly nice to one another. I choose to remain positive and focus on my pleasant interactions I have with others; which occurs frequently for me too ~ especially out with my little girl because who can resist that cuteness?! However; what good we are doing for ourselves by treating others poorly? The answer is NONE whatsoever. In fact, I would venture to say that those who treat people poorly are really reflecting how they are feeling on the inside.

So, I think we all know the saying to “treat others how you want to be treated,” but it apparently needs repeating and OFTEN. Take a moment and a little extra effort to think about what personal things are going on in your life and the direction of your thoughts and whether you are applying that to others around you. If you are unhappy, one of the main ways you can change that is through your thoughts. We CHOOSE to be happy and see life in a positive view.positive, depression, anxiety, mental wellness, feel good, exercise, beachbody, 21 day fix, shakeology, fitness, weightloss, lane bryant, weight watchers, workout Make a concerted effort to think positively both of YOURSELF and of OTHERS. Things get tough for all of us. You never know when the words you say to someone else can do a lot more damage then you realize. Be kind to one another! It will make you feel even better than you realize!

I know this may sound a bit corny to a few, but I had to put it out there. You’re beautiful and capable. I hope you have an amazing week!


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