Why I shake it!

I’ve gotten the question more often lately asking me if I recommend juicing over shakes.  So here is my take on juicing versus shakes. Sure you can get more nutrients into your diet than if you didn’t do either, BUT in my opinion, blending up a shake is actually easier than juicing for one thing. (Less mess and no need to clean up the leftover pulp.) Then there’s that pulp part you’re missing out on. That’s actually nutrients you aren’t getting that are really important; like filling fiber.
So to me, juicing is more mess and work and less beneficial than shakes. Not to mention the pretty expensive juicer you’ll need to do it. I would also


argue it will add calories for most because you’re still going to be hungry. I almost wish for this post I wasn’t affiliated with Beachbody so you could see how genuine I’m being when I say this next part.  If you truly want to get more nutrients and success with clean eating, then you need to get Shakeology. 70 superfoods you’d never get in otherwise! If you want to check it out you can go to http://www.beachbodycoach.com/adeese.

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