The Power of your Mind

I have been doing a great deal of research lately on the power of your mind and your thoughts. It has been truly amazing to read and watch accounts of people who went through difficult times in their lives, as we all do, and focused on learning to redirect their thoughts into a positive way that completely transformed them.

I mean think about the difference just changing your perspective can have on your day. Focusing on the great things that happen, rather than 1 bad thing that happened completely changes your outlook on how your day went. Now, imagine if you did this with your future and your life as a whole… Focus on the beauty and the amazing things that are you in your life currently. Think about the things you want in your life from happiness to financial freedom.

Let me back up slightly and say that when I first began doing this, I realized that I had gone so off path with my negativity that I didn’t even know what I wanted in life moving forward anymore! As a Beachbody Coach, we are motivated to work on ourselves and our own personal development daily. To think when I started I thought to myself that I didn’t need that step and that I could just skip it…and I didn’t even know what I wanted. Wow. As a side note, I have learned from my colleagues that creating a dream board and placing it somewhere that you look at it each day is a tremendously helpful exercise.

Now focus on your subconscious and how you view those things that you dream about in your life. Do you really think you deserve them? Do you really believe you will have them? If the answer is no; which I am willing to bet is the case for most, you need to retrain your mind. Visualize each day your life with the things that you dream of or want. Really believe it will happen. Work toward it each day and it will happen!!

No. I haven’t gone off the deep-end here. I really think this is true!! Did you ever know one of those people who drove in the 5th lane across the interstate and chose to cross lanes right at the last minute, but it just always works out for them? Or at a crowded shopping mall they go to the front parking spots and one just always becomes available? That’s because they know in their way of thinking that good things will happen for them.

So food for thought, right?! What is it going to hurt for you to start doing something about living out your dreams? Are you doing anything about it now? I thought so.

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