Not So Fast!

I harp on and on about how powerful our state of mind is. If we are thinking consistently negative thoughts, then our perspective throughout our days in this state will also be negative. Let me take it a step further and say that our view of others within our days will also be negative.

Personal Attribution Theory in a high level overview is basically the projection of our personal circumstance onto another human being. In other words we’re assuming we know the motivation behind someone else’s actions. For example, if someone cuts in front of you in the produce section at the grocery store. A person in a negative state of mind will think something like, “that person just thinks they’re better than I am.” A person who chooses to view things in a more positive light will likely think, “they were just grabbing something quickly while I made my decision.”

My thoughts went to this topic today, because I had an experience during the little time I ventured out of the house on my lazy Sunday yesterday that I also let affect me more than I should have. I won’t go into details, but basically this individual made some assumptions about me that prompted her to criticize me and some rather personal things about me. I’ve gotten over it, but a couple of thoughts did occur to me yesterday evening when reviewing the incident in my mind.

It has become so increasingly apparent to me, both through my professional and also just out and about in my daily life, that the human race isn’t overly nice to one another. I choose to remain positive and focus on my pleasant interactions I have with others; which occurs frequently for me too ~ especially out with my little girl because who can resist that cuteness?! However; what good we are doing for ourselves by treating others poorly? The answer is NONE whatsoever. In fact, I would venture to say that those who treat people poorly are really reflecting how they are feeling on the inside.

So, I think we all know the saying to “treat others how you want to be treated,” but it apparently needs repeating and OFTEN. Take a moment and a little extra effort to think about what personal things are going on in your life and the direction of your thoughts and whether you are applying that to others around you. If you are unhappy, one of the main ways you can change that is through your thoughts. We CHOOSE to be happy and see life in a positive view.positive, depression, anxiety, mental wellness, feel good, exercise, beachbody, 21 day fix, shakeology, fitness, weightloss, lane bryant, weight watchers, workout Make a concerted effort to think positively both of YOURSELF and of OTHERS. Things get tough for all of us. You never know when the words you say to someone else can do a lot more damage then you realize. Be kind to one another! It will make you feel even better than you realize!

I know this may sound a bit corny to a few, but I had to put it out there. You’re beautiful and capable. I hope you have an amazing week!


Why I shake it!

I’ve gotten the question more often lately asking me if I recommend juicing over shakes.  So here is my take on juicing versus shakes. Sure you can get more nutrients into your diet than if you didn’t do either, BUT in my opinion, blending up a shake is actually easier than juicing for one thing. (Less mess and no need to clean up the leftover pulp.) Then there’s that pulp part you’re missing out on. That’s actually nutrients you aren’t getting that are really important; like filling fiber.
So to me, juicing is more mess and work and less beneficial than shakes. Not to mention the pretty expensive juicer you’ll need to do it. I would also


argue it will add calories for most because you’re still going to be hungry. I almost wish for this post I wasn’t affiliated with Beachbody so you could see how genuine I’m being when I say this next part.  If you truly want to get more nutrients and success with clean eating, then you need to get Shakeology. 70 superfoods you’d never get in otherwise! If you want to check it out you can go to

Dearest Precious New Mommies

New mom, baby, newborn, sham, stay at home mom, advice, help, babycenter, breastfeeding, wife, newlywed, a pea in the pod, motherhood maternityHello my new mommies or soon-to-be mommies out there. Let me start by saying how beautiful and wonderful you are. You may feel overwhelmed, unsure, maybe even like you’re failing. Sleep deprivation is no joke. Not to be outdone by giving birth to the most precious and important person of your life that you so desperately hope you don’t break. My first task for you is to RELAX. It gets easier, and much sooner than it may feel like right now. In the near future you will feel like you are no longer going to maim or harm your baby in some way and your baby will start SLEEPING more and more.

Now, for those of you that have been at this a while longer, especially those who have decided to be a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom), not to exclude you who work (I’ve been in your shoes and they’re no easier) I have a few things I’ve learned for you too. Firstly, you are not alone!! Second, you can and you will succeed and this is the HARDEST thing you’ll ever do! Thirdly, RELAX (noticing a theme here).

If you’re like me, and I know there are plenty of you introverts out there, I need a good deal of adult interaction. My hubby is a firefighter, meaning he’s gone for well over 24 hours at a time. It didn’t take long at all for me to feel like I was stranded on an island by myself. It also didn’t take me long to feel like I was losing completely who I was. This is what I want to talk about.

I jumped headfirst into staying at home with my daughter from working more than full time and being the breadwinner of the household. I went back to work after I had her. It didn’t work out and I was suddenly at home. I never planned to stay home. I commend you ladies who planned for this, but I was honest with myself and knew that career would always be important and a key component of what I identified with in myself.

Well, when God closes one door, He opens another. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity I’ve had to spend time raising our daughter. I am also equally grateful to my incredible husband for picking up the slack until I was able to do so again. However; with a 1 year old attached to my hip and no childcare as an option, not only had my career hit a screeching halt, but my main stress relief in dancing did too. I was left spiraling a pretty good bit. Compound that with post-partum depression, and phew, I needed a change. I needed an outlet. Something that was mine again.

That’s when I began Beachbody Coaching. I had always been that person who could throw together workouts and recipes and help my friends and family with various goals. It hasn’t been easy. It’s taken major dedication and perseverance. Not everyone understands when you’re first starting out and working up the nerve to talk to people that you really do want to help them and that you really aren’t a used car salesman. Anyway, my point is to find your outlet. Find a project or hobby that you can work into your day. Exercise(No really. It’s stress relief, anxiety relief, and an energy booster. You need ALL of those things). Get out of the house; introverts especially. Get into the sun, soak up that vitamin D. Do the things that make you feel like yourself (in fact, make a list and place it somewhere you’ll see it daily). I started getting ready and making myself feel good by putting on makeup and a cute, yet comfortable outfit. Treat yourself. Let the grandparents keep the little one(s). Go get your nails/hair done. Get a message. My bottom line is focus some on YOU. You can only be the best version of yourself for your family when you do. So by treating yourself, you’re actually doing something for them anyhow.

You’re strong, beautiful, and a miracle-worker mama!! ♥️♥️💗💗

The Power of your Mind

I have been doing a great deal of research lately on the power of your mind and your thoughts. It has been truly amazing to read and watch accounts of people who went through difficult times in their lives, as we all do, and focused on learning to redirect their thoughts into a positive way that completely transformed them.

I mean think about the difference just changing your perspective can have on your day. Focusing on the great things that happen, rather than 1 bad thing that happened completely changes your outlook on how your day went. Now, imagine if you did this with your future and your life as a whole… Focus on the beauty and the amazing things that are you in your life currently. Think about the things you want in your life from happiness to financial freedom.

Let me back up slightly and say that when I first began doing this, I realized that I had gone so off path with my negativity that I didn’t even know what I wanted in life moving forward anymore! As a Beachbody Coach, we are motivated to work on ourselves and our own personal development daily. To think when I started I thought to myself that I didn’t need that step and that I could just skip it…and I didn’t even know what I wanted. Wow. As a side note, I have learned from my colleagues that creating a dream board and placing it somewhere that you look at it each day is a tremendously helpful exercise.

Now focus on your subconscious and how you view those things that you dream about in your life. Do you really think you deserve them? Do you really believe you will have them? If the answer is no; which I am willing to bet is the case for most, you need to retrain your mind. Visualize each day your life with the things that you dream of or want. Really believe it will happen. Work toward it each day and it will happen!!

No. I haven’t gone off the deep-end here. I really think this is true!! Did you ever know one of those people who drove in the 5th lane across the interstate and chose to cross lanes right at the last minute, but it just always works out for them? Or at a crowded shopping mall they go to the front parking spots and one just always becomes available? That’s because they know in their way of thinking that good things will happen for them.

So food for thought, right?! What is it going to hurt for you to start doing something about living out your dreams? Are you doing anything about it now? I thought so.

Run Today!!!

Okay guys!! Today’s goal is to run, jog, or walk 1 mile for the amazing Christopher Sparkman and his incredible wife Jamie Lynn Sparkman. This day two years ago Chris was shot in an act of bravery protecting others at a Fed Ex facility. One day we will do this run with Chris, but today we do it in his honor.

Post a picture of your run or afterward!!


Low Impact Exercise Sequence

I receive requests for good options on low impact exercise, so I came up with this sequence and added some weight using a hand-weight in a purse to add resistance. Resistance bands would also work well. Make sure to leave comments on what you think!

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FREE 5 Day Eating Challenge

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How to eat carbs


So many people ask me how to eat carbohydrates or have heard a lot of misinformation about them. A lot of people cut them from their diets almost completely. While there’s still conflicting advice out there, I know how I feel when I cut all carbs from my diet and if I listen to my body, that’s not the way to go.

I have 2 main tips when it comes to carbohydrates:

1. Try to consume them before 3pm. If you’re trying to really drop weight, then make that cut off 12pm.

2. Choose Complex Carbohydrates. In other words foods that take more work and therefore longer for your body to process. This supplies you with stable blood sugar levels and longer lasting energy.

Want to avoid that mid-afternoon slump? Eat complex carbohydrates like oatmeal with protein like eggs for breakfast.

Yummy Stuffed Bell Pepper Recipe

1 Chicken Breast (bone in, skin off preferably)
1 cup brown rice, quinoa blend or similar.
1 1/2 cup chicken stock (I used that I made from my chicken salad recipe ;0)
1 small package of mushrooms roasted in the oven at 425F until golden brown
2 garlic cloves and 1 yellow onion caramelized in sauté pan over low heat in olive oil
3 bell peppers with top cut off and seeds removed. (Tip: If pepper does not stand up evenly, cut bottom off and place inside the pepper to hold stuffing in)
1/3 Cup Grated Parmesan Cheese
Salt & Pepper to taste, 1 tsp cumin

Cook rice mix according to directions with chicken stock.
Combine rice, cooked onion and garlic, mushrooms and parmesan cheese. Pack into bell peppers and cook in the oven on 375F for 20 to 25 minutes until top begins to brown. Option (blister the outside of the peppers prior to stuffing with open flame from stove top to add flavor).

Enjoy!!21 Day Fix, Beachbody Coach, Beachbody, recipes, weight watchers recipes, weight watchers, lane bryant, skinnygirl, dinner recipe, foodie, eat this not that, sahm, babycenter, new moms, easy recipe, lose weight